– on SUP-board and KAJAK –

 DELPHIN RowingSystem, the innovative world debut. A rowing forward system for beginners and professionals to row in the direction you look.
The DELPHIN RowingSystem makes rowing easy and above all fun! Glide across the water with the power of both legs, back and arms. A perfect way to stay fit, healthy and stress-free.
Our unique and efficient forward rudder system makes hobby rowing a pleasure, whether with SUP board or KAYAK
DELPHIN RowingSystem is designed so that no tools are required for assembly / disassembly. All parts are easily transportable and fit in a bag.


We offer you the opportunity to test the DELPHIN 1+2 RowingSystem on our test station at the Gohlitzsee / Rädel in Brandenburg on the water. Get in touch with us to make an appointment.
It is also possible for interested groups and associations to test the DELPHIN RowingSystem on-site with our mobile test station.


Gohlitzsee Rädel
14797 Kloster Lehnin